In-Patient Admission will be processed upon the recommendation and issuance of an admission note by our empanelled consultants. In case a patient is referred to UMC Zhahir Hospital by a doctor not empanelled by our hospital, the patient will first be assessed by the on-duty consultant following which admission will be processed.

The consultant in-charge will initiate the admission process by issuance of an admission note. Once the consultant has advised admission and issued the admission note, the patient is requested to visit the Admission Desk on the Ground Floor of the Hospital Building to allow us facilitate the admission formalities. Based on the category of room opted, the estimated expenses will be shared and accordingly the deposit amount will be conveyed.

Depending on whether the patient is a cash-paying patient or an insurance / corporate beneficiary, the necessary payment / payment guarantee will be requested at the time of processing admission.

Once the admission has been processed, a Patient Relationship Executive will guide the patient to the room and initiate the necessary advised management.

In case the patient has been advised a surgical procedure, post admission, the necessary pre-procedure investigations will be done. The nurse in-charge will coordinate the investigations and administer the prescribed medication. Our Anesthetist / Doctor In-Charge will clinically examine and assess the patient for surgical fitness following which the operating theatre will be booked for the procedure. The estimated surgery charges should be deposited in advance with the billing desk to ensure accounting clearance for the patient prior to the scheduled procedure.

  • UMC Zhahir Hospital Registration Card (if pre-registered)
  • Photo ID
  • Admission Note from the Consultant
  • Insurance Card (or Authorization, if it has been received)
  • Authorization / Recommendation from Corporate (empanelled)

  • Valuable Items
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Jewellery
  • Outside Food

  • Patients will be provided meals by the hospital as per the recommended diet by the treating doctor and/or diet specialist
  • Outside food is not allowed in the hospital
  • Attendants and visitors can opt for meals from the hospital cafeteria located on the fourth floor of the hospital

  • Photography is prohibited within the hospital premises
  • For any electrical faults with light switches, air-conditioner, television set, refrigerator, etc. or any plumbing related problems, kindly inform the nurse on duty for assistance
  • Please do not attempt to shift or repair any electrical items
  • Please do not attempt to shift or repair any electrical items
  • Restrict use of mobile phones in patient-centric areas

  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, chewing gum is strictly prohibited. Smoking is not allowed within hospital premises
  • You are requested to keep toilets dry and clean
  • You can requested to maintain hygiene and use dustbins to dispose any waste material

Admission Process

  • Admission Note by Treating Consultant
  • Selection of Room by Patient / Attendant
  • Documentation & Deposit of Advance
  • Admission to selected room and assistance by dedicated patient coordinator


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